The Beginning

The inspiration for Frost bags came from a bag given to me by my wife, Beth, as a gift upon her graduation from medical school. The bag design was her concept, then built from a piece of raw cowhide. Ironically, the number 25, my college basketball jersey number, had been branded into the hide she selected. That section was cut out and used as a pocket. All of the hardware on the bag is from horse tack; the saddle cinch and halter brass represent Lexington, Kentucky, the horse capital of the world, and UK Hospital where Beth is doing her residency.

The liner of the bag is a pair of old pajama pants, the first gift that she gave to me over fifteen years ago. My signature is branded to the bottom of the bag, and now serves as the mark of our company.

This gift was so remarkable because it carried with it my story, our story. I knew instantly that this was a concept I had to share with the world. Anyone can buy a designer label, but a bag that is not only completely unique, but made for and inspired by you? That's something special.

- Jed Frost